J+E // Wedding

I had the privilege of photographing Junior and Elisabeth’s big day near Kansas City, MO. It was a day filled with flowers, happy tears, and wonderful people. Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Ruckdeschell! Check out a few of the captured moments below! D43A6160D43A6193D43A6179D43A6182D43A6216D43A6287D43A6241D43A6240D43A6253D43A6334D43A6336D43A6345D43A6450D43A6466D43A6453D43A6480D43A6403D43A6395D43A6400D43A6405D43A6407-2D43A6408D43A6411D43A6418D43A6442D43A6488D43A6554D43A6561D43A6832D43A6875D43A6882D43A6902D43A6925D43A6943D43A6909D43A6844D43A7001D43A7006D43A7036D43A7054D43A7081D43A7086D43A7089D43A7091D43A7096D43A7099D43A7116D43A7126D43A7159D43A6156D43A6157D43A7283D43A7314D43A7293D43A7324D43A7325D43A7338D43A7345D43A7522D43A7634D43A7638D43A7659


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