j & e // engagement

I was able to recently spend a morning with Junior and Elisabeth to capture some engagement shots. We woke up at the crack of dawn and were able to hit up a few cool spots in Springfield (waffles were a must). Lately, I’ve been snagging sunrise photos & I’m so thankful for clients who are completely down for that! Junior and Elisabeth are such fun people to be around and I’m so happy I could help record these moments for them! D43A3827D43A3903D43A3913D43A3925D43A3942D43A3966D43A3979D43A4031D43A4045D43A4104D43A4109D43A4049D43A4229D43A4193D43A4274D43A4306D43A4287-2D43A4325D43A4323-2D43A4334D43A4390D43A4382D43A4443D43A4469D43A4502D43A4507D43A4514D43A4530D43A4559D43A4574D43A4584D43A4599


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