Homecoming // Evangel Univ.

I had the opportunity to photograph some of Evangel’s Homecoming festivities. Here is a glimpse of the evening! img_9183img_9184img_9191img_9206img_9212img_9215img_9221img_9222img_9228img_9236img_9242img_9266img_9267img_9278img_9290img_9306img_9330img_9335img_9364img_9373img_9379img_9393img_9407img_9417img_9419img_9422img_9425img_9494img_9491img_9490img_9486img_9514img_9515img_9517img_9530img_9535img_9549img_9552img_9565img_9576img_9588img_9592img_9593img_9639img_9600img_9606img_9610img_9611img_9623img_9631img_9660img_9800


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